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Friends of Chabad

Marc Kulick
& Alicia Jones

Tanenbaum Family Foundation

Through Chanukah  all donations are being matched dollar for dollar up to $160,000 and will help us continue essential support of the community

Double Your Impact!

Goal: $160,000

$5,400 = $10,800
$3,600 = $7,200
$1,800 = $3,600

$1,000 = $2,000
$   770 = $1,540
$   100 = $200


The Cause

Nothing invites greater blessing and light into our own lives than being a source of blessing and light in the lives of others!

Notwithstanding the challenges we may be facing in our own lives, the best response is not to withdraw inward but reach outward. By participating in Chabad’s timely match campaign, you will enable us to provide vital education, inspiration and assistance to young and old throughout Central and Southern Oklahoma, thereby helping us
‘Say YES To Light’ – in Double Measure!


We are an educational and social service organization that provides a wide array of vital resources to people across the spectrum of the greater community. Its doors and its heart are open to all – regardless of religious background, observance or organizational affiliation.


Chabad of Central and Southern Oklahoma is a place people from all walks of life can – and do – turn to in times of trouble or distress. Whether through emergency food and shelter subsidies, crisis counseling, senior outreach, prison chaplaincy, hospital visitation, or programs for children with special needs, Chabad is indeed that radiant “beacon of light” that pierces the darkness of night for so many facing truly dire circumstances.

Given the real financial and emotional turmoil many are now going through, it is as timely as ever for us to join together – in a spirit of love, generosity and compassion – to say YES to light!


Can we count on you 'To Say YES " for thousands?

Here's How It Works:

Thanks to a generous group of matchers your donation will be matched up to $160,000! That means every $1 = $2!


Today you can Say YES To Light and enable the community to receive crucial care and support during these challenging times. Your gift will help guarantee and support the spiritual, educational, social needs of the community.

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